Monday, March 15, 2010

Clothing for Sale

First I must apologize for not blogging recently!
I have been making those big life decisions recently and have not had time to think of much else.
One of those big decisions has been accepting the fact that I do not need the beautiful designer clothing I have collected and I do need work attire that I do not have.
This is where you all benefit: in order to pay for the new work clothes I need to purchase...I am selling the beautiful pieces that I have never worn (or only worn once) at much more affordable prices than you would find anywhere else.
Email me at and let me know what types of clothing you would be interested in and what size (between 0-6) you wear. 
If you have a budget per item please tell me that as well.
 I am going to post a featured item a day to give you an idea of what I have.

Featured Item

I am selling this skirt in the color shown (hot pink)
It's by Pleasure Doing Business
Size small (26/27 waist)
Never been worn and selling for $70
Sells online currently for $98 from