Monday, March 15, 2010

Clothing for Sale

First I must apologize for not blogging recently!
I have been making those big life decisions recently and have not had time to think of much else.
One of those big decisions has been accepting the fact that I do not need the beautiful designer clothing I have collected and I do need work attire that I do not have.
This is where you all benefit: in order to pay for the new work clothes I need to purchase...I am selling the beautiful pieces that I have never worn (or only worn once) at much more affordable prices than you would find anywhere else.
Email me at and let me know what types of clothing you would be interested in and what size (between 0-6) you wear. 
If you have a budget per item please tell me that as well.
 I am going to post a featured item a day to give you an idea of what I have.

Featured Item

I am selling this skirt in the color shown (hot pink)
It's by Pleasure Doing Business
Size small (26/27 waist)
Never been worn and selling for $70
Sells online currently for $98 from

Friday, February 19, 2010

Flower Find

I need your help.
This lil' necklace Jessica is wearing is my new obsession. I went to see "Valentines Day" last night and left with only one thought:
Find. That. Necklace.
(Well maybe 2 thoughts...find that necklace and tell every boy I know to watch that movie...notepad in hand.)
Go figure...can't find it anywhere.
If you find it...I promise I won't mind if you get it too. =)

It's Staunton Ya'll!

When I was in college the ongoing joke with my friends was that I pronounced "Staunton" wrong. Apparently they believed it should not be pronounced with a twangy southern accent but instead it should sound more British posh. They told me it would be spelled "Stanton" if it was supposed to be prounced twangy. So maybe it's fate that brought me to read my Daily Candy and spotting the 30% off deal on all "Stanton" James clothing. Or maybe it's just that I love a good deal.

Enter DCSJ at checkout for the 30% discount!

Favorite finds from Stanton

Have a wonderful wonderful weekend everyone.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time to Visit Staunton

New York Post Listed Staunton as one of the 100 BEST Summer Destinations.

Although if you asked me....I could tell you why it is a 100 Best Destination (.)
You MUST read this article (pretty please with a cherry on top??) to see why Staunton was picked.
Maybe if you read will see why I never want to leave.

OH!! And if you live in Staunton make a pit stop at our TJ Maxx.
Remember my beauty post? Well one of the brand's that I constantly find as a "Best Beauty Product" is Shiseido. I was at TJ yesterday (in Staunton) and what did I find? Every single Shiseido product on the Sephora website. 

(I bought the White Lucent Immediate Brightening Kit as it got the best reviews on Sephora.)
ALSO...Elizabeth Arden is a top "Best Beauty Product Winner" and there was an entire shelf dedicated to its beauty products as well.

Who doesn't want cheap Award Winning Beauty Products?
(a TJ tip....ask the sales clerk which days they get their shipments and shop on those days for the best finds: Staunton's are Mon./Tues./Fri.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anthro Advice: Q&Q Customer Service

Today's tip for Anthropologie Q&Q (Quality & Quick) Customer Service:

While the whimsical name selections of Anthro products are...well...whimsical....they are not known amongst the employees. Therefore...if you walk in and ask where the "Lambent Amaryllis Blouse" is are not going to get Q&Q Customer Service.
Instead...might I suggest writing down the style # and brand name to hand the Anthro employee.
With the style # in hand..they can look up the item # on a register. There is a system in place for that (unlike giving them the name of the item which they then have to literally go through the website...just like you can...and search for it..leaving you and the employee...quite frustrated.)
The brand name is something I have found helps...not because there is a system in place to find items based on brand...but simply because employees reference items by the brand names and their shape:
 Ex. The shirt below would be described as something like:
Bordeaux's tee that comes in white and grey with the cutout lace cream-colored flower print by the neckline and hem
(It's called "Foliage Fancy Tee" online...quite different, huh?)
Or pull the pretty lil' thing up on your Iphone and show it to to the Anthro employee!
Almost every single man that walks into an Anthro store does this and it is THE BEST way to get Q&Q customer service...GUARANTEED.

What to Buy Right Now
(because it is going to sell out quickly)

If you aren't ready to buy a teeny tiny tee like this yet...imagine it under this pullover.
(which I also believe is going to be quite popular this season)

Wear these tops with these J Brands

J Brands are super stretchy to flatter your curves
(So DO NOT go up a size)
JBrands are skinny pants made for the not-so-skinny
(they are also made for the skinny...but I figured that was a given)
I picked these particular JBrands because they are cropped
(this means that if you are petite, like me, no hemming necessary!)

You know you want to write down these style #'s and brand names and pop on over to your closest Anthro right now, dontcha?
 Now that I think about it...I may have to go "window shop" today too....

5 Star Purchase

These cutie patooties were listed as an InStyle Top Trend for Spring!!
I haaave them in black!!!  I got them last summer actually...and they truly are the most comfortable/edgy sandals I've ever bought (look at them in black on the website if you can...I think the ruffle detail blends in a bit more.) Definitely money well spent. They are THE ONLY shoes that were comfortable enough to wear to work at Anthropologie. The floors are wood over concrete and when I work there I literally run back and forth between the fitting room and the sales floor trying to find that "perfect top/skirt/dress" for my customers. I also received many, many compliments on them while I worked so I promise you will appreciate these goodies (and the compliments) as much as I do!

Virginia is for Musicians

A perk of living in a small town: everyone is connected.
On my 45 minute drive to work this morning I began to listen to my new favorite radio station,
106.1 The Corner and heard an interview with Schuyler Fisk (Sissy Spacek's daughter) a native of Charlottesville!  You can listen to the interview here as well as interviews of many other incredible musicians.
I first heard of Schuyler when my highschool sweetheart and I were watching Orange County and he told me his cousin, who lived in Charlottesville, was dating the pretty girl with red hair (Schuyler) that played the star's girlfriend.
Here I am....5 years later....listening to her music and a phone interview with her while she is in LA.

Here is a summary of the interview in case you don't have time to listen to the whole thing:
1. Her music has been in The Last Kiss, Dear John, Catch and Release, Penelope
Reese Witherspoon, the producer of Penelope, sought her out to write and sing a song for this
2. If you download her song "Love Somebody" from Itunes all
proceeds go to the Charlottesville/Albemarle SPCA
her mom is very involved with this
and asked Schuyler to be a part of it

3. Schuyler still writes with a lot of local musicians in the Charlottesville area
when she comes back to visit she may do a live interview at The Corner Lounge
4. She is in the writing stage of making her next album and would love to come back to VA to work on it
she did her last one in LA and missed being at home (can't blame her)
5. She just got back from touring in Japan
she got to wear an authentic Geisha outfit and said it took about two hours to get dressed
6. she grew up on a farm
that fact and the way she sings remind me of my lovely friend, Valerie McQueen
 7. and last but certainly not least: you can buy her album "The Good Stuff" on Itunes!!
and here you can listen to the songs favorite is "hello"