Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Staunton Ya'll!

When I was in college the ongoing joke with my friends was that I pronounced "Staunton" wrong. Apparently they believed it should not be pronounced with a twangy southern accent but instead it should sound more British posh. They told me it would be spelled "Stanton" if it was supposed to be prounced twangy. So maybe it's fate that brought me to read my Daily Candy and spotting the 30% off deal on all "Stanton" James clothing. Or maybe it's just that I love a good deal.

Enter DCSJ at checkout for the 30% discount!

Favorite finds from Stanton

Have a wonderful wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. dear laura,
    i remember coming to visit you in stauton once back in our roanoke days, with bella and val, do you remember that? i had such a great time shopping with you, i loved all the great boutiques you showed us around! reading your blog makes me miss the south, i try my best out here in colorado to tempt these westerners with our charming confederate ways... i hope you are doing well! i love your blog!

  2. Hi Laura!

    I love your blog - super cute! I have been obessessing over one shoulder tops/dresses and love the ones you picked out! Also on the list for spring/summer - black shorts, love thoes as well!

    Hope you are doing well!

  3. I love ALL of these, and they would be adorable on you...of course! I love the sailor shorts and the pink bag. YAY for spring!

  4. What Staunton are you talking about? haha I just found your blog very randomly and saw this post... are you talking about virginia ? I see on your sidebar that you have a picture of Smith Mountain Lake- how cool. I'm from Roanoke, just graduated from JMU in Harrisonburg. small (blog) world.