Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow. Snow. Go Away. Come Again Another Day (Like Next Year).

I miss this.
Key West--January 2010.
**Taken on the cruise I won for being Rookie of the Year at WorldStrides.**
And this.
**Taken also on said cruise when we left port in Miami.**

Instead it is snowing again which reminds me of this:
**Taken in front of the parentals casa during Snowmageddon**

That's ma Daddy being a good Daddy and shoveling out this:

While his car was snuggled up safely inside of this:

And my mom and I stayed inside by the fire with this:

**Meet Brownie. We also have Cookie and Twinkie but Brownie is my fav.**

And reminisced about this:
(both water skiing and my pre-cubicle bod)

*Sigh.* Okay....we get it...Global Warming is a hoax.

Can you please bring back our normal weather now?
My sanity depends on it (obviously).

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