Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time to Visit Staunton

New York Post Listed Staunton as one of the 100 BEST Summer Destinations.

Although if you asked me....I could tell you why it is a 100 Best Destination (.)
You MUST read this article (pretty please with a cherry on top??) to see why Staunton was picked.
Maybe if you read will see why I never want to leave.

OH!! And if you live in Staunton make a pit stop at our TJ Maxx.
Remember my beauty post? Well one of the brand's that I constantly find as a "Best Beauty Product" is Shiseido. I was at TJ yesterday (in Staunton) and what did I find? Every single Shiseido product on the Sephora website. 

(I bought the White Lucent Immediate Brightening Kit as it got the best reviews on Sephora.)
ALSO...Elizabeth Arden is a top "Best Beauty Product Winner" and there was an entire shelf dedicated to its beauty products as well.

Who doesn't want cheap Award Winning Beauty Products?
(a TJ tip....ask the sales clerk which days they get their shipments and shop on those days for the best finds: Staunton's are Mon./Tues./Fri.)

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