Friday, February 12, 2010

Outwitted by a 3 Yr Old

So I am taking my nephew Ashton to a birthday party tomorrow which made me realize that he is a perfect topic for a blog. The picture is of Ashton. He is quite possibly the funniest person I know. Seriously. He already talks like a cool guy in high school. You know what I's impossible to explain without hearing just think of the coolest guy you knew in high school and how he talked and you will then understand. Now...keep that voice in mind while you read the following...because then you will be able to fully appreciate how hysterical my little cool cat nephew really is.

My favorite Ashton phrases:

"Where's that (insert any name here)?" Ex. "Where's that Aunt Laura?" "Where's that Dude?"
"Dude"=My dad's name...started out as Grandpa just "DUUUUUUUDE!!!!!" Screamed loudly and drawn out just like a little Southern Gent would.
"Pomegranate" Also drawn out with a southern accent...absolutely precious.
His best friends at Ma&Pa's (for those of you out of towners Ma&Pa's is this little pizza place that my dad eats at no less than twice per week and now takes Ashton every Tuesdays and Thursdays)
They ask Ashton: "Ashton are you going to Dude's carwash today??"
Ashton's response: "No...(obviously)...I'm going to Petermans!" (The name of our carwash is Peterson's Carwash)
"BACK IN THE DAY" Ex: "Grandma was a good basketball player BACK IN THE DAY!" **With LOTS of enthusiasm
Dude: "Ashton...I need to get shaving you need any?"
Ashton: (Very matter-of-fact) "No...I used to shave when I was a baby but not anymore."

Oh and his favorite songs are Three (Brittany)....New York....and Shorty Fire Burning on the Dance Floor (I have no idea if that's the real title..that is what Ashton calls it....he understands more words than I do in that song). Should I be concerned that my 3 yr old nephew is cooler than me?

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