Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anthro Advice: Q&Q Customer Service

Today's tip for Anthropologie Q&Q (Quality & Quick) Customer Service:

While the whimsical name selections of Anthro products are...well...whimsical....they are not known amongst the employees. Therefore...if you walk in and ask where the "Lambent Amaryllis Blouse" is are not going to get Q&Q Customer Service.
Instead...might I suggest writing down the style # and brand name to hand the Anthro employee.
With the style # in hand..they can look up the item # on a register. There is a system in place for that (unlike giving them the name of the item which they then have to literally go through the website...just like you can...and search for it..leaving you and the employee...quite frustrated.)
The brand name is something I have found helps...not because there is a system in place to find items based on brand...but simply because employees reference items by the brand names and their shape:
 Ex. The shirt below would be described as something like:
Bordeaux's tee that comes in white and grey with the cutout lace cream-colored flower print by the neckline and hem
(It's called "Foliage Fancy Tee" online...quite different, huh?)
Or pull the pretty lil' thing up on your Iphone and show it to to the Anthro employee!
Almost every single man that walks into an Anthro store does this and it is THE BEST way to get Q&Q customer service...GUARANTEED.

What to Buy Right Now
(because it is going to sell out quickly)

If you aren't ready to buy a teeny tiny tee like this yet...imagine it under this pullover.
(which I also believe is going to be quite popular this season)

Wear these tops with these J Brands

J Brands are super stretchy to flatter your curves
(So DO NOT go up a size)
JBrands are skinny pants made for the not-so-skinny
(they are also made for the skinny...but I figured that was a given)
I picked these particular JBrands because they are cropped
(this means that if you are petite, like me, no hemming necessary!)

You know you want to write down these style #'s and brand names and pop on over to your closest Anthro right now, dontcha?
 Now that I think about it...I may have to go "window shop" today too....

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