Friday, February 12, 2010

Guy Code Translated: Chick Flick Approved

Since it IS Valentine's Day Weekend I thought I'd put a little post for all the guys out there that need a little bit of guidance. This is not guidance on what to get girls for Valentine's Day (come on now....if you are reading this either Valentine's Day has past or is upon us so just call it quits and start begging for forgiveness/planning a ridiculously good Mothers Day/Birthday/Summer gift IMMEDIATELY...I would suggest a trip but I'm not giving guidance on this so that is neither here nor there.)

Anyway, this is a post about an article explaining acceptable chick flicks for dudes. I like this idea....because can't just walk around (if you're a dude) saying you LOOOOOVE "The Notebook" and just cried your eyes out when you watched it with your mom. Sorry. If you are single and have ever said that...well....I'm just saying. If you are in a relationship and have said that...well good for you! But I would definitely not also admit that "The Devil Wears Prada"....well to admit anything ABOUT it unless it had to do with "how hot that chick was" or "hey that's my boy Vinny Chase from Entourage."

SO....thanks to my guy....that was sent this by his fraternity is a list of girl movies that you CAN admit you have seen....and not lose your manly man reputation. Oh and when you say you've seen these...don't ever mention you read about them in a blog post about acceptable guy movies...or that you read it in a blog post...or that you READ blogs...say your frat bro told you it was sick...or something like that.

**Link to secret guy on my title!**

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